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The Buster Wrench is made from Dupont engineering grade polymer and will not rust or damage your drain plug. Drain plug removal can be a cumbersome task to complete; however, it is now a LAW in most states. Finding the right tool to fit the drain plug without damaging it, can also be a hassle. Buster Wrench has innovatively created an easy to grip T-shaped wrench specifically made for boats. This is an excellent tool for anyone that trailers a boat.


You must remove your drain plug in most states before trailering your boat.

Why is removing your boat plug a must? Recently, most states have made it mandatory that you remove your drain plug when the boat is on the trailer and before you leave the launch area. By removing the drain plug, you avoid the risk of spreading an invasive species of mussel known as quagga, to other waters. As the quagga mussle can live up to seven days without water, these mussels are rapidly spreading.

Buster Wrench has come up with an innovative drain wrench design that helps comply with this situation. Buster has created a drain plug removal tool that allows you to quickly and comfortably remove the drain plug without added strain.

The Buster Wrench is easy to use and fits in the palm of your hand. The benefit of this T-shaped wrench, is it allows you to continuously turn it without stopping and fits two types of plugs: the Garboard and T-handle drain plugs. This product comes in one size and color and is an excellent tool for anyone that trailers a boat.

It's The Law!

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