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Drain Plug Removal Made Easy

Ease the pain of using an ordinary wrench to remove your boats drain plug. Buster Wrench introduces a custom made drain plug wrench that comfortably fits in your hand while removing the drain plug. Draining your boat is a cinch with the handy Buster Wrench.

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About Us

After a lifetime of experience dealing with boat drain plugs, Buster came up with the idea for the Buster Wrench out of necessity. He could not find a wrench that correctly removed the plug in his boat, so he decided to invent one. This is how the Buster Wrench was born.

Buster took an ordinary tool and transformed it into a boat drain plug wrench that is easy-to-use for quick drain plug removal. He took into consideration how uncomfortable a regular wrench is when trying to use it to remove the drain plugs and found a solution to this issue by incorporating a T-shape design to his wrench. This unique product will not rust, scratch, nick, or damage your plug.

This is a great product to hand out at trade shows. You can have the Buster Wrench, custom imprinted with your company logo.